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Friday, May 17, 2013

Video Recording of Columbia's Pershing Square Challenge 2013

I already posted the winning entry on Hertz from this year's Pershing Square Challenge.  For those who missed it, it can be found here.

Now I wanted to post the video recording of all the presentations.  Overall its worth it.  I attended the event and the one thing I will say is there was far too much of an emphasis on activist measures as opposed to more actionable stock picking.  This among other reasons is actually why I felt Hertz deserved to win over others since it didn't require some massive corporate restructuring in order to unlock value (granted the suggested there was additional upside optionality that was unlocked via a spin, but the overall premise was still that its just cheap today based on a myriad of factors).

Without further delay, here is the video.  Enjoy.

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