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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Michael Novogratz on Bloomberg TV

Michael Novogratz was on Bloomberg TV today sharing his views on the market and economy overall.  He was at the SALT Conference in Las Vegas along with a number of the other hedge fund titans.  He recommended going long the S&P and the Nikkei based on pure macro factors.  He thinks there is nothing in the horizon for the remainder of the year that would dampen his enthusiasm for the S&P and the Nikkei.

He goes on to say that he doesn't like the Yen and thinks it will fall to 115 or 120 (YEN/USD) by year end. He thinks QE has the chance to work the best in Japan - there are no people on earth who will take pain for the greater good like the Japanese so he thinks Abe can generate inflation while the negative rate on savings eats away at the debt.  

Overall some interesting thoughts - fairly different from other folks when you think about what Kyle Bass, Stanley Druckenmiller and others are saying. 


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