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Friday, September 21, 2012

Ray Dalio on CNBC

Ray Dalio of Bridgewater Associates was recently on CNBC discussing his view on the markets. In this video he talks about his views on QE3 and what it means for the market. He thinks QE is the new easing of interest rates. He also thinks the USD will decline in the near-term, this by extension is bullish for gold and U.S. exports. He thinks there is a short-squeeze in the USD. In this video he talks about his biggest worry being another leg down in the economies causing social disruption. He also discusses his bullish case for gold and even asserts that Buffett has it all wrong on his distate for the metal. Ray Dalio thinks people are too reactive. His view is the economy and nearly all events are fairly repetitive and that current events can be analogized with historical events therefore proper trading strategies can be devised. In his video he shares his predictions for Europe. He thinks there will be a managed depression in Southern Europe. He thinks there will be a deleveraging and destruction of debt. He thinks he Euro is likely to stay together all though in later years its more risky. He thinks the Euro is controlled by southern Europeans due to the vote of members and it will likely stay that way. He thinks a breakup would result in the northern Europeans leaving. CNBC also reports some of Bridgewater's numbers YTD and their annualized numbers which are pretty amazing to say the least. In this final video Ray Dalio talks about his concerns on the Chinese economy. Mohamed El-erian then shares PIMCO's view on China and how they will be able to navigate their slowdown (which they view as less than 6% growth).

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