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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Leon Cooperman on CNBC discussing Apple, etc.

Leon Cooperman was recently on CNBC and discussed his opinion on the market, economy, and some of his favorite stocks.

In this video he talks about Apple and why he maintains a position in it. Basically his thesis is Apple is growing faster than the market and yet hasa discount to a market multiple so its attractive.
In this video he talks about his positioning overall on the market. Basically he thinks the market is fairly valued and wouldn't be a big buyer at this level. He thinks Q3 will be the first down YoY quarter since June 2009 and that coupled with the tax issues makes for a rough next couple months. In this video he talks about how he feels U.S. bonds are in a bubble. He thinks they are a mispriced asset class but is not short them because of the activities of the Fed make it unprofitable - so he is in equities.

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