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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Jeff Gundlach on CNBC

Jeff Gundlach was on CNBC today sharing his thoughts on the market.

In the first video he talks about how he thinks bond rates will continue to rise a bit and commodity prices will continue to remain weak.

Video 1:

In the next video he discusses how he views Japanese stocks as a buy in the mid 12,000 range due to the Abenomics policy pushing up equities and pushing down the Yen.  He thinks we have seen the best rally since November until around a month ago.  His target was 13,000 - 13,500 which he announced in December and the Nikkei blew through this really fast.  He thinks the sell off is healthy given the sharp run up in prices.  He thinks there should be a nice bounce back upwards from a 12,000 buy target.

Video 2:  

In the final video, he shares his opinions on Apple.  He thinks the stock is headed to $500 up from around $450 today.

Video 3:

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