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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

David Tepper on Bloomberg TV

In the video he discloses that Appaloosa was up 30% last year. He also says that Appaloosa is quite bullish in the coming days. He thinks the macro economic environment is poised for 2%-3% growth. He thinks there wont be a debt ceiling fight and there is no real other choice out there and he thinks people are massively underweight equities at present both at the institutional level and the retail level. He thinks the country is on the verge of an explosion of greatness. He then discusses how Appaloosa got started and what it was like in the early days. He went on to discuss his thesis in Citigroup and that he thinks it has 50% upside from its current levels. He then discussed how active they have been in the distressed space and how he thinks right now the time is to be long and there is a good chance to be up nicely this year by just being long equities. Specifically he says its time to be long contrarian plays not the risk assets like treasuries, bunds, etc., he thinks its time to be long equities. You want to be long the risky plays not the risk averse plays. He mentions low corporate debt great debt to income service ratios and corporate P/Es that are dead low as reasons to be bullish equities. He then went on to discuss some of their largest holdings. Overall it was a fairly interesting segment. Enjoy.

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