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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Corsair Capital Q2 Letter

Corsair Capital is out with their Q2 2012 letter. They disclose that in the quarter they were down 2.2% net and YTD are up 5.0% net. Since inception (1991) they have annualized 14.3% net (quite impressive to say the least). In the letter they discuss their current opinion on the macro economy as well as give a decent portfolio update on their core positions (Inophos, Six Flags, Aperam, and TNS). As per usual they also include their quarterly write up on a position - this quarter the write up is on Digital Globe. They believe that Digital Globe is worth some $60/share quite interesting considering its curren trading price.

Corsair Capital - 2012.07.23

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GreenWorld said...

14.3% over 21 years? That's bloody impressive.
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