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Friday, February 10, 2012

Pershing Square's Presentation on Canadian Pacific

Hat tip to Markefolly for finding this. Pershing Square is out with their presentation on Canadian Pacific. It is quite detailed and worth looking through. He is taking a much more public and detailed approach than simply filing a 13D with a letter. He thinks the stock could be worth $140/share which is up from today's close of $74.63. So basically he thinks its a double from here in three years time, provided they get the right operator. Ackman is proposing an entire slate of directors to change the course of the company. Considering his success at Wendy's, McDonald's, General Growth Properties, Alexander & Baldwin, and of course JC Penney's.

Interesting stuff to say the least. Enjoy.

Pershing Square - 2012-02-06 - CP

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He has been right more often than he has been wrong. Its a great play on infrastructure as a complement to Canada's rapid growth in natural resources in the West, and they make an excellent alternative investment to complement a more traditional portfolio.