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Saturday, July 12, 2008

State of Affairs

This blog, more than anything else is meant to be an exercise in idea creation. In an effort to further solidify the theses behind my various investments, I will from time to time post ideas that lay out my investment framework. Hopefully meaningful feedback will be received. We'll see....


cashisking said...

hi neo-alpha,

just began reading some blog entries you've put up, and i'm astounded. as someone who aspires to gain a stronger understanding of the markets and to be able to originate financial ideas of my own, i was wondering how you've come to develop this skill. are there certain websites you follow exclusively? perhaps you could post an unrelated entry sometime on how your brain "processes" novel investment thoughts so that inspired readers like myself can one day "understand" the markets like you do.

Anonymous said...


it's disgusting how much you worship Yes, the analysis is well researched and articulate, but don't you know that all economists are idealists. 100% of their forecasts are reliant upon assumptions, as if everything stayed the same for months and even a few years (in which it never does. i.e. terrorist attacks, geopolitical affairs, acts of God, etc).

So first, use your instinct/gut feeling and choose a side. Are things going to be good or bad

Second, support that idea with evidence, economic assumptions, one of the 5 ec theories and (Note: Even if there is contrary evidence, don't mention it!)

Lastly, think for yourself and your analysis will be like this one after much practice and thought.


Wall-Street Wanderlust said...


I will add to the blog a section which outlines various resources I use in crafting my various theses. My first reccomendation would to you would be to read, read, read. Profitable investing is comprised of two distinct components: luck and skill. I don't know how to develop luck but I do know that to develop investing skill it requires an encyclopedic knowledge of: economics, accounting, various industries (i.e. circle of competence), and the market in general. Think of Paulo Freire's banking mode, the more "knowledge" in the bank the easier it becomes to analyze various situations. The best way to fill up your "bank" is by reading alot and speaking/spending time with people who are smarter and more informed than you.

Hope this helps.