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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Prescient Point Short Thesis on CBI

Prescient Point was out today with their short thesis on CBI. Quite the detailed analysis filled with salacious accusations. Enjoy:

Prescient Point - CBI - 2014.06.17

Bill Ackman on Valeant Part 3

Bill Ackman was on CNBC talking about Valeant. This is the third part of the video. In this part they discuss whether or not Pershing's move into Allergan is fair. Bill makes the analogy that the activist investor brings things to the company that allow them to benefit - his example is that they would not have bought Canadian Pacific if they had not known they were going to make Hunter Harrison the CEO. So looks like activists play by special rules.

Bill Ackman on Valeant - Video 2

Bill Ackman was on CNBC recently sharing his opinions on Valeant. In this video he continues to make the case of why Jim Chanos is wrong on his Valeant short. The interesting tidbit is apparently Jim Chanos has never been a fan of serial acquirers and was even short Danaher at one point.

Bill Ackman on Valeant Video 1

Bill Ackman was on CNBC recently discussing his opinion on Valeant are arguing its not a bad company and is a good roll up:

Howard Marks on CNBC

Howard Marks was recently on CNBC sharing his opinion on the markets and his investment strategy. He doesnt think we are close to bubble levels. He thinks we are no where near where we were in 2000. He is not a raving bull on the U.S. economy but thinks it could catch.

Nice Profile of Bruce Berkowitz

Institutional Investor recently came out with a nice profile on the mad genius behind the Fairholme Fund - Bruce Berkowitz. The article can be seen here Enjoy it. There is also a small video clip explaining Bruce and his success:

Kyle Bass talking about the potential Canadian housing bubble

At the Texas Investor Summit Kyle Bass gave a presentation sharing his thoughts on the macro landscape. In this clip he shares his thoughts on the potential for a Canadian housing bubble. He is not alone on his bearishness on Canadian housing - Mick McGuire's Marcato Capital Management also shares this sentiment. Enjoy: